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Erie Indemnity Company. (2011, August). IRAs Traditional & Roth. Erie, PA, United States of America.

  • “At Pioneer Insurance Agency, Inc., we offer IRA’s through Erie Family Life, we want our Customers to maintain their independence at every stage of life. But we know that even with a pension benefit and Social Security you savings might need a boast.”
  • “That’s why we offer a Traditional IRA and a Roth IRA. Because they’re funded with a fixed rate annuity, you can be assured that between now and then, your money will grow. In today’s economy, that means a lot.”
  • “If you choose our flexible premium annuity to fund your IRA, the rate credited to new premiums can change at any time. If you fund your IRA with our CD-type annuity, the rate is guaranteed for 3, 5, or 7 years depending on the term you choose. For larger deposits, you can even earn a bonus interest rate for the first year.”
  • “You can choose income for a fixed period of time or even an entire lifetime. An annuity is still the only financial product that allows you to set up regular income you can never outlive.”

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